Algae and Cyanobacteria in Soils of Moscowстатья

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[1] Dorokhova M. F., Kosheleva N. E., Terskaya E. V. Algae and cyanobacteria in soils of moscow // American Journal of Plant Sciences. — 2015. — Vol. 6, no. 15. — P. 2461–2471. Algal−cyanobacterial communities, soil nano- and microfauna, and mycelium of micromycetes were studied in soils of an administrative district of Moscow. To characterize the habitat conditions of microbiota in the soils of different functional zones of the city, the acid−base conditions and the contents of exchangeable and water-soluble nitrogen, mobile heavy metals, and soluble salts were determined. The species diversity of algal−cyanobacterial communities, the composition of the dominant species, the proportions of different ecological groups of diatom algae, the diversity of soil nano- and microfauna, and the abundance of colorless and colored mycelium in the urban soils were characterized. The analysis of these parameters showed that the degree of technogenic impact on soil microbiota decreases in the following sequence of functional zones of the city: industrial > traffic > residential > recreation. [ DOI ]

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