New technologies of creation and use of geoinformation resources in the Earth scienceтезисы доклада

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[1] Lurie I. New technologies of creation and use of geoinformation resources in the earth science // Book of abstracts of International Geographical Union Regional Conference “Geography, Culture and Society for Our Future Earth”, 17–21 August 2015, Moscow, Russia. — Thematic Session Cultural Regionalism and Regional Identity. — Russian Federation: Russian Federation, 2015. — P. 293–293. The scientific and applied problems of integration GIS-resources and an easy access to them by creation of specialized infrastructures of spatial data, geoportals, databases of collective use and web-GIS - are actual and far from the decision, especially in the field of thematic researches. As the theoretical basis of methodology of creation of information resources can serve the scientific concept of integration of methods and technologies of cartography, geoinformatics and remote sensing. This concept is formulated and practically developed in works of department cartography and geoinformatics of geographical faculty of the Moscow State University. Now integration of such methods and resources forms the basis of technologies of researches in the Earth sciences. According to this concept for service of researches of changes of an environment and a society it is necessary: – Creation of structured sets of basic spatial objects, and also object-oriented thematic geodatabases, their contents is connected first of all with purpose of the study, instead of with scale of representation; – It is necessary to develop methods for creating cartographic databases for multiscale mapping based on the generalization of object database that will ensure the creation of reliable cartographic models of reality and the development of electronic thematic mapping; – Creating thematic geoportals as location sources of geodata, storage, and presentation of the results of the analysis, including in the cartographical form. Formation of maps and geodata services, field data and remote sensing means geoportal, as well as the development of geoinformation and analytical support to work with the spatially-certain data from different sources across the geoportals and Web-mapping application will significantly increase the efficiency and fundamental and applied research.

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