Excitation-induced dynamics of external pH pattern in Chara corallina cells and its dependence on external calcium concentrationстатья

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[1] Excitation-induced dynamics of external ph pattern in chara corallina cells and its dependence on external calcium concentration / A. Eremin, A. Bulychev, N. A. Krupenina et al. // Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences. — 2007. — Vol. 6, no. 1. — P. 103–109. The influence of cell excitation and external calcium level on the dynamics of light-induced pH bands along the length of cells is studied in the present paper. Generation of an action potential (AP) transiently quenched these pH patterns, which was more pronounced at 0.05-0.1 mM Ca than at higher concentrations of Ca (0.6-2 mM) in the medium. After transient smoothing of the pH bands, some alkaline peaks reemerged at slightly shifted positions in media with low Ca concentrations, while at high Ca concentrations, the alkaline spots reappeared exactly at their initial positions. This Ca dependency has been revealed by both digital imaging and pH microelectrodes. The stabilizing effect of external Ca on the locations of recovering alkaline peaks is supposedly due to formation of a physically heterogeneous environment around the cell owing to precipitation of CaCO in the alkaline zones at high Ca during illumination. The elevation of local pH by dissolving CaCO facilitates the reappearance of alkaline spots at their initial locations after temporal suppression caused by cell excitation. At low Ca concentrations, when the solubility product of CaCO is not attained, the alkaline peaks are not stabilized by CaCO dissolution and may appear at random locations. [ DOI ]

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