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[1] Sodium-23 magnetic resonance imaging / E. G. Sadykhov, M. V. Gulyaev, N. V. Anisimov et al. // The 2nd International Symposium on Physics, Engineering and Technologies for Biomedicine. — Vol. 2018 of KnE Energy & Physics. — Knowledge E Knowledge E, 2018. — P. 441–448. 23Na MRI provides additional biochemical information to 1H MRI in terms of cell integrity and tissue viability. We aimed at determining the sensitivity of 23Na MRS, MRI and MR relaxometry methods available on 7T MR scanner Bruker Biospec 70/30 USR and developing of an optimal MRI protocol for small animal 23Na in vivo visualization. The outcomes include 23Na MR spectra, 23Na MR images with SNRs, and T1 and T2 values of 23Na. It is shown that single-pulse 23Na MR spectroscopy can discriminate different 23Na concentrations, and 3D FLASH pulse sequence adapted for 23Na data acquisition may provide the acceptable quality images. [ DOI ]

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