Silanized-humics (nano)materials and coatings: rational design and applicationтезисы доклада

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[1] Silanized-humics (nano)materials and coatings: rational design and application / I. V. Perminova, A. B. Volikov, V. A. Kholodov et al. // Proceedings of the XI Meeting of Brazilian Chapter of International Humic Substances Society Humic substances: science and technology. — the Institute of Chemistry of São Carlos (IQSC), University of São Paulo (USP) Sao Carlos, Brazil, 2015. — P. 15–20. Humic substances (HS) are natural hyperbranched polyelectrolytes enriched with acidic functionalities such as carboxylic and phenolic groups. They mediate uptake of nutrients by plants, regulate biogeochemical cycles of metals, mitigate adverse impact of contaminants, and structure soils. Still, their practical applications are very limited. We offer chemical modification as a powerful tool for designing functional humic (nano)materials and nanocoatings which can be used in remedial, agrarian and biomedical technologies. The validity of this concept is demonstrated on the example of silanized humic materials with enhanced surface activity and of humics-assisted synthesis of nanoparticles (e.g., iron oxyhydroxides, or zerovalent iron NPs). The syntheses and applications of humics-based (nano)materials are described. The obtained results show a great potential for a transfer of humics-based functional materials and nanocoatings in environmental and agrarian technologies.

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