The Novel Short Isoform of Securin Stimulates the Expression of Cyclin D3 and Angiogenesis Factors VEGFA and FGF2, but Does Not Affect the Expression of MYC Transcription Factorстатья

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[1] The novel short isoform of securin stimulates the expression of cyclin d3 and angiogenesis factors vegfa and fgf2, but does not affect the expression of myc transcription factor / D. E. Demin, A. V. Bogolyubova, D. V. Zlenko et al. // Molecular Biology. — 2018. — Vol. 52, no. 3. — P. 436–445. Pituitary tumor-transforming gene-1 (PTTG1) encodes securin, a multifunctional protein involved in development of various types of cancer. Securin participates in the regulation of sister chromatids separation and the expression of multiple genes involved in the control of the cell cycle, metabolism, and angiogenesis. In several human cell lines, we have found a novel short isoform of securin mRNA, which does not contain exons 3 and 4. After the translation of this new mRNA, a shortened protein is produced that, like the full-size form, is able to activate the transcription of cyclin D3 gene (CCND3), which controls the G1/S transition and angiogenesis factors VEGFA (vascular endothelial growth factor), and FGF2 (fibroblast growth factor 2) in HEK293 cells. However, unlike the full-size protein, the short isoform of PTTG1 does not affect the MYC gene expression because it lacks the DNA-binding domain, which is needed for its interactions with the MYC promoter. Furthermore, the short form of securin does not influence the expression of MYC transcriptional targets, such as TP53 and IL-8. Thus, we found a novel isoform of securin which is able to activate a more restricted repertoire of genes compared to the full-size protein. [ DOI ]

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