A Nonlinear Maxwell-Type Model for Rheonomic Materials: Stability under Symmetric Cyclic Loadingsстатья

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[1] Khokhlov A. V. A nonlinear maxwell-type model for rheonomic materials: Stability under symmetric cyclic loadings // Moscow University Mechanics Bulletin. — 2018. — Vol. 73, no. 2. — P. 39–42. The analytic study of the nonlinear Maxwell-type constitutive relation with two arbitrary material functions is continued to reveal its capabilities, applicability scope and techniques of identification and tuning. General properties of the model response to an arbitrary periodic loading program are considered. The criteria for periodicity of strain evolution (and for the lack of ratchetting) is obtained. Under symmetric cyclic loadings, wide clusters of viscoelastoplastic materials exhibit cyclic stability, i.e. hysteresis loops tend to stabilize after a number of cycles to the loop that is closed. The criteria for simulation of cyclic stability within the frame of the nonlinear Maxwell-type model is derived. It is proved to depend on the only one material function and to be consistent with tension compression asymmetry simulation. Keywords: nonlinear viscoelasticity, rate sensitivity, symmetric cyclic loadings, plastic strain, cyclic stability, ratcheting. [ DOI ]

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