Acyclovir phosphoramidates as potential anti-HIV drugsстатья

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[1] Acyclovir phosphoramidates as potential anti-hiv drugs / N. Zakirova, I. Karpenko, M. Prokofjeva et al. // Russian Chemical Bulletin. — 2014. — Vol. 63, no. 5. — P. 1192–1196. A number of phosphoramidate derivatives of acyclovir (ACV) were obtained. These compounds revealed themselves as latent forms of acyclovir monophosphate (ACV-MP). The optimized route to the title phosphoramidates involves the synthesis of intermediate phosphorodichloridates followed by their treatment with various amines. The compounds obtained showed moderate antiviral activity both in vitro in a controlled system of secure screening for anti-HIV agents and in a tissue system enabling ex vivo determination of the efficiency of the drug and its effect on HIV replication in two weeks. [ DOI ]

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