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[1] Cnn-based histological images segmentation of mucous glands / A. Khvostikov, A. S. Krylov, O. Kharlova et al. // GraphiCon 2018: труды 28-й Междунар. конф. по компьютерной графике и машинному зрению. — Нац. исслед. Том. политех. ун-т г. Томск, 2018. — P. 258–261. Mucous glands lesions analysis and assessing of malignant potential of colon polyps are very important tasks of surgical pathology. However, differential diagnosis of colon polyps often seems impossible by classical methods and it is necessary to involve computer methods capable of assessing minimal differences to extend the capabilities of the classical pathology examination. Accurate segmentation of mucous glands from histology images is a crucial step to obtain reliable morphometric criteria for quantitative diagnostic methods. We review major trends in histological images segmentation and design a new convolutional neural network for mucous gland segmentation.

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