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[1] Gosse D., Afonina A. Modern technologies of ornamental plants cultivation in vertical structures // Vasenev V., Dovletyarova E., Cheng Z., Prokof’eva T., Morel J., Ananyeva N. (eds) Urbanization: Challenge and Opportunity for Soil Functions and Ecosystem Services. SUITMA 2017 / Ed. by Т. В. Прокофьева, Т. В. Прокофьева. — Springer Geography. — New York: New York, 2019. — P. 168–184. Дополнительная ссылка на статью: This proceedings volume focuses on different aspects of environmental assessment, monitoring, and management of urban and technogenic soils. Soils of Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Mining and Military Areas (SUITMAs) differ substantially from their natural zonal counterparts in their physical, chemical and biological features, their performed functions, and supported services. This book discusses the monitoring, analysis and assessment of the effects of urbanization on soil functions and services. Further, it helps to find solutions to the environmental consequences of urbanization and discusses best management practices such as management and design of urban green infrastructure, waste management, water purification, and reclamation and remediation of contaminated soils in the context of sustainable urban development. The book includes thematic sections corresponding to 14 sessions of the SUITMA 9 congress, covering broad topics that highlight the importance of urban soils for society and environment and summarizing the lessons learned and existing methodologies in analyses, assessments, and modeling of anthropogenic effects on soils and the related ecological risks. This proceedings book appeals to scientists and students as well as practitioners in soil and environmental science, urban planning, geography and related disciplines, and provides useful information for policy makers and other stakeholders working in urban management and greenery. [ DOI ]

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