Interpersonal Interaction under the Conditions of High Autonomy in Interplanetary Mission Simulation (Mars-500 Experiment)статья

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[1] Interpersonal interaction under the conditions of high autonomy in interplanetary mission simulation (mars-500 experiment) / P. G. Kuznetsova, V. I. Gushchin, A. G. Vinokhodova et al. // Human Physiology. — 2017. — Vol. 43, no. 7. — P. 751–756. This paper discusses the influence of the social status and psychological stability of individuals on their communicative behavior in space flight on the basis of retrospective analysis of the findings of the Mars-500 experiment, in which six participants were isolated for a period of simulating a long-term exploration mission. Data were obtained using both classic social-psychological methods and observation of video recorded behavior. Communicative behavior of the crew members was dependent on the level of individual anxiety and social status in the isolated small group. [ DOI ]

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