Numerical Modeling of Non-Uniform Sediment Transport in River Channelsстатья

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[1] Numerical modeling of non-uniform sediment transport in river channels / A. I. Aleksyuk, V. V. Belikov, N. M. Borisova, T. A. Fedorova // Water Resources. — 2018. — Vol. 45, no. 1. — P. 11–17. The mathematical model for simulating deformations of river channels composed of heterogeneous alluvium has been developed. The combination of shallow water equations and a three-layer model is used to describe the fluid flow and non-uniform sediment transport in bed (layer II) and suspended (layer III) loads. Changes in the fractional composition of unerodible bottom sediments (layer I) are also considered. The algorithm provides mass conservation for each fraction. The comparison of calculations results and experimental data (hydraulic washing of a desilting basin from sediments and armoring processes in heterogeneous soils) confirms the operability of the model. The model is applied to calculate the silting and hydraulic washes of the reservoir of a hydroelectric power station on a mountain river. [ DOI ]

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