Study of Phthalocyanine Derivatives as Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonanace Imagingстатья

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[1] Study of phthalocyanine derivatives as contrast agents for magnetic resonanace imaging / I. G. Meerovich, M. V. Gulyaev, G. A. Meerovich et al. // Russian Journal of General Chemistry. — 2015. — Vol. 85, no. 1. — P. 333–337. The work is devoted to study of new prototype contrasting agents for magnetic resonance imaging on a base of manganese and gadolinium sulphophthalocyanines. Candidate complexes were shown to possess the R1 molar relaxivity values comparable or exceeding ones for commercially available clinical contrast agents such as Magnevist. Intravenous administration of aqueous solution of studied complexes resulted in significant enhancement of contrast of C6 glioma imaging under T1-weighted protocol, allowing to consider them as perspective for further development. Near infrared photosensitizers based on nanoparticular forms of phthalocyanine derivatives. [ DOI ]

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