Crossover between 2D and 3D Systems for the discrete phi 4 modelстатья

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[1] Savkin V. V., Rubtsov A. N. Crossover between 2d and 3d systems for the discrete phi 4 model // INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS. — 2001. — Vol. 32, no. 1-4. — P. 1001–1013. Ferroelectric phase transitions in layered systems are studied in the frame of discrete phi (4) model numerically and by simple analytical methods. The single parameter a of the discrete phi (4) model determines the type of transition: a –> +0 and a –> +infinity limit cases correspond to the displacive and order-disorder transition, respectively. Monte-Carlo simulations are performed for three values of a: a = 0.98 (almost displacive transition), a = 4000 (almost order-disorder case), and a = 44.2 (an intermediate case). Transition temperature T-c is obtained as a function of the number of layers N. Data show 2D value at N = 1 and tend to 3D with an increase of N. Monte-Carlo results are compared with predictions of the mean-field and independent-mode approximation. Mean-field result conserves the qualitative behaviour of T-c(N), but overestimates the value of T-c by 30-100 %. Independent-mode approximation coincides the Monte-Carlo result for the displacive system with 5 % accuracy, but is invalid for larger values of a.

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