The calorimetric investigation of the graphite-HNO3-R system (R = CH3COOH, H2SO4)статья

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[1] The calorimetric investigation of the graphite-hno3-r system (r = ch3cooh, h2so4) / L. Monyakina, N. Maksimova, I. Nikol'skaya et al. // Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids. — 2004. — Vol. 65, no. 2-3. — P. 181–183. The interactions of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite with HNO3-R (R = CH3COOH, H2SO4) solution were investigated by Calvet type calorimeter at 305.5 K and X-ray diffraction. It was shown that in the graphite-98% HNO3-100% CH3COOH system the enthalpy of the formation and the stage number of graphite nitrate depends on HNO3 percentage in the solution. Calorimetric investigation of the graphite-98% HNPO3-96% H2SO4 system demonstrated that the shape of the heat flow curves corroborates the co-intercalation of HNO3 and H2SO4 into graphite. It was established that the formation of the first stage of ternary compounds of variable composition takes place. [ DOI ]

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