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[1] Gas-emission craters puzzle - 4 years of investigations / M. O. Leibman, A. I. Kizyakov, Y. A. Dvornikov et al. // International Conference “Solving the puzzles from Cryosphere” : Program, Abstracts : Pushchino, Russia, April 15–18, 2019. — Москва, 2019. — P. 27–28. Gas-emission craters (GEC) were under study for 4 years since first reported in June 2014. We are presenting results obtained within the framework of the project funded by Russian Science Foundation №16-17-10203. Various, often contradictory, ideas concerning the origin of GEC have been published recently, so there is a need to formulate the substantiation for our hypothesis, summarizing the facts presented in different publications of our team. Some papers are hypothesizing the models of GEC formation by explosion of hydrolaccolith (bulgunnyakh or Pingo). The most consistent in defending this hypothesis are the researchers from Lomonosov Moscow State University (Khilimanuk et al., 2016; Buldovicz et al., 2018). Why do we not accept this hypothesis? First, saline marine sediments of Central Yamal provide poor conditions for the formation of large bulgunnyakhs due to a large amount of remaining unfrozen water. Second, even if cryogenic stress had occurred in the past, it is not clear how the warming may create conditions for the explosion of bulgunnyakh due to pressure in the water-gas core nowadays. Third, out of the 5 GEC, for which reliable field and remote-sensing materials were obtained, two GEC are located at the slope foot, two more in close proximity to the channels, and one more on the edge of the terrace. If close to the channels existence of sub-channel talik and its re-freezing can be assumed, in other cases such a talik is improbable.

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