Dicke effect in hydrogen S-0(0) rotational transition observed by time-domain CARSстатья

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[1] Dicke effect in hydrogen s-0(0) rotational transition observed by time-domain cars / V. G. Arakcheev, D. V. Yakovlev, S. A. Mochalov et al. // Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. — 2002. — Vol. 33, no. 11-12. — P. 884–887. The Dicke effect in the hydrogen S-0(0) rotational transition (354 cm(-1)) in forward scattering geometry was observed using time-domain CARS. Dicke effect measurements were performed at room temperature and with cooling by liquid nitrogen. The observed slowest decays of the impulse responses correspond to the narrowest S-0(0) transition spectral linewidths of 1.1 x 10(-3) cm(-1) (296 K) and 0.45 x 10(-3) cm(-1) (85 K). At 85 K, the impulse responses coincided satisfactorily with the theoretical values calculated for statistically independent collisional perturbations of translational and rotational motions. At 296 K, some discrepancy between experiment and theory was observed. [ DOI ]

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