Production of Recombinant Human Transferrin in Eukaryotic Pichia pastoris Expression Systemстатья

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[1] Production of recombinant human transferrin in eukaryotic pichia pastoris expression system / T. V. Bobik, R. Y. Popov, T. K. Aliev et al. // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. — 2019. — Vol. 167, no. 3. — P. 335–338. The development and manufacturing of serum-free culture media allowing reducing the costs of preparations and standardizing the biotechnological process are important trends in biotechnology. Substitution of protein compounds in the serum-free media with recombinant analogues reduces the risk of contamination with various infectious agents. Human transferrin is a protein component of serum-free media responsible for the transport of Fe3+ ions into cells. We generated a producing strain P. pastoris secreting human transferrin to the culture medium. The use of constitutive GAP promoter and maintenance of medium pH at 6.5 allows attaining maximum level of transferrin expression (20 mg/liter). [ DOI ]

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