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[1] Experimental study of zircon and loparite solubility in silicate melts / A. R. Kotelnikov, V. S. Korzhinskaya, N. I. Suk et al. // Experiment in GeoSciences. — 2019. — Vol. 25, no. 1. — P. 138–140. The solubility of zircon in an aluminosilicate melt was experimentally investigated at T = 1000oC and P=2 kbar in the presence of water or a solution of 1M KF. In the experiments, zircon synthesized under hydrothermal conditions and previous melted aluminosilicate glasses with different agpaiticity (from 0.81 to 2.5) were used. It is shown that with an increase in the agpaitic coefficient (K = (Na + K) / Al) of the melt, the solubility of zircon increases 10 or more times (with maximum agpaiticity). The solubility of loparite in an aluminosilicate melt of different composition was studied experimentally at T=1200 and 1000oC and P=2 kbar in dry conditions and in the presence of 10 wt.% H2O. The initial material was synthetic glass of malignite and eutectic albite-nepheline composition, as well as natural loparite of the Lovozerskiy massif. It is established that the solubility of loparite depends on the composition of the aluminosilicate melt.

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