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[1] Vitaliy L., Dmitriy V. Predicting video saliency using crowdsourced mouse-tracking data // Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Vision. — Vol. 2485. — CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2019. — P. 127–130. This paper presents a new way of getting high-quality saliency maps for video, using a cheaper alternative to eye-tracking data. We designed a mouse-contingent video viewing system which simulates the viewers' peripheral vision based on the position of the mouse cursor. The system enables the use of mouse-tracking data recorded from an ordinary computer mouse as an alternative to real gaze fixations recorded by a more expensive eye-tracker. We developed a crowdsourcing system that enables the collection of such mouse-tracking data at large scale. Using the collected mouse-tracking data we showed that it can serve as an approximation of eye-tracking data. Moreover, trying to increase the efficiency of collected mouse-tracking data we proposed a novel deep neural network algorithm that improves the quality of mouse-tracking saliency maps. [ DOI ]

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