Patient-Specific Biomechanical Analysis in Computer Planning of Dentition Restoration with the Use of Dental Implantsстатья

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[1] Dashevskiy I. N., Gribov D. A. Patient-specific biomechanical analysis in computer planning of dentition restoration with the use of dental implants // Advances in Artificial Systems for Medicine and Education II. — Vol. 902 of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. — Springer International Publishing, 2020. — P. 305–314. This study considers the technology of patient-specific computer planning of dentition restoration of edentulous mandible using dental implants. A model of the jaw and distribution of elastic modules by jaw’s volume are reconstructed from a computer tomogram. The model is supplemented with virtual implants and a model of the prosthetic structure, and is passed on to the finite element suite, in which the loading and supporting conditions are specified. Biomechanical analysis and comparison of two implant placement schemes are carried out for two types of loading: one modeling biting and the other—chewing. The problem of automation of a patient-specific choice of the optimal implantation scheme is discussed taking into account the stress-strain state of the system “jaw–implants–prosthetic construction”. [ DOI ]

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