Forms of Arsenic Concentration in Sulfide-Free Endogenic Pb–Zn–Sb Ores of the Pelagonian Massif, Republic of North Macedoniaстатья

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[1] Forms of arsenic concentration in sulfide-free endogenic pb–zn–sb ores of the pelagonian massif, republic of north macedonia / V. N. Ermolaeva, D. A. Varlamov, N. V. Chukanov, S. Jančev // Geology of Ore Deposits. — 2019. — Vol. 61, no. 8. — P. 782–790. Specific features of chemical composition, isomorphism and zonality of minerals – concentrators of arsenic in specific nonsulfide ore-bearing metasomatites forming exocontact zone of early-Paleozoic metarhyolites with dolomitic marbles and baryte schists near the village of Nežilivo, Pelagonian massif, Republic of Macedonia have been investigated. The investigated metasomatic rocks are enriched in chalcophile elements (Zn, As, Sb, Pb, Cu) entering in the composition of oxydes and oxysalts. входящими в состав оксидов и оксосолей. Mechanisms of distribution of different components (Mg, Zn, Cu, Ca, Pb, Y, Ln, F, OH) between associated arsenates, As-bearing phosphates and mottramite are discussed. The paper contains 6 figures, 3 tables and 20 references. [ DOI ]

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