Danian Deposits of the Crimea: Facies Peculiarities and Conditions of Sediment Accumulationстатья

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[1] Danian deposits of the crimea: Facies peculiarities and conditions of sediment accumulation / L. F. Kopaevich, E. A. Lygina, E. V. Yakovishina, I. V. Shalimov // Moscow University Geology Bulletin. — 2010. — Vol. 65, no. 5. — P. 273–282. The Danian deposits of the Crimea are described. Emphasis is placed on the characteristics of the rock of a wellexposed section in the Crimean piedmont. The depositional environment and paleogeography of different sections of the Crimea are reconstructed. The sequences and the system tracts that are distinguished in the Danian deposits fix the alternation of transgressive–regressive episodes. It is revealed that the stratigraphic completeness of Danian sections and variations in their thickness are determined not only by the sealevel fluctuations, but also by the tectonic events that manifested themselves in the growth of the Simferopol’skoe rise and the formation of troughlike structures in eastern Crimea. Keywords: Crimea, Danian, facies, sequences, system tracts, paleogeography, tectonic events.

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