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[1] Makhneva T., Dement'yev V., Makarov S. On aging of high-strength stainless steel 08cr15ni5cu2ti // Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing V. — Vol. 299. — Trans Tech Publications Inc Switzerland, 2020. — P. 430–436. Based on our results and the results of the experimental studies previously conducted by other researchers, the analysis has been made of the influence of remelting methods on the character of the formation of the level of the impact strength KCU and its component KCV at aging of steel 08Cr15Ni5Cu2Ti prepared by two methods of remelting. The results of studying the influence of the remelting methods, heat treatment modes and impurity cleanness of steels on the level of KCU and the degree of its decrease at the temperatures of age hardening are presented. The factors causing the difference in the structure and phase composition in the steel formed by different remelting methods are established. The temperature range in which a significant decrease in KCU takes place has been determined. The hypothesis is offered about the role of interstitial impurities in the KCU decrease at aging. [ DOI ]

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