On Enterprise Information Systems and Cyber Threats: Some Pentagon’s Shortcomings and Newer Initiativesстатья

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[1] Sneps-Sneppe M., Sukhomlin V., Namiot D. On enterprise information systems and cyber threats: Some pentagon’s shortcomings and newer initiatives // 2019 11th International Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops (ICUMT). — IEEE, 2019. In this paper, we discuss new university courses regard Russian digital economy program, which is oriented to the end-to-end digital technologies, including: Big Data; neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence; quantum technologies; industrial internet; robotics and sensory; wireless communication; technologies of the virtual and complemented realities. According to the newer Pentagon activities, the key attention in the field of Information Systems has turned to Cloud Strategy and Artificial intelligence. This Pentagon’s new strategy was developed after the serious critics of the current state, namely, the shortcomings with Joint Information Environment and its key cyber-security equipment -Joint Regional Security Stacks. Two-side difficulties for DoD modernization are discussed: from one side, the vendors’ pressure introduce the latest achievements, namely, Software Defined Network and Network Function Virtualization, and from another, it is difficult to abandon the old technology, as time-division multiplexing, asynchronous transfer mode equipment, signaling protocol SS7 and Advanced Intelligent Network. [ DOI ]

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