Friction Force Limits the Drift of Microparticles Along the Quantum Vortex in Liquid Heliumстатья

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[1] Skoblin A. A., Zlenko D. V., Stovbun S. V. Friction force limits the drift of microparticles along the quantum vortex in liquid helium // Journal of Low Temperature Physics. — 2020. — Vol. 200. — P. 91–101. Massive enough particles of frozen hydrogen are known to be captured by quantum vortices in liquid helium. Here, we theoretically demonstrate that the drift of such particles along the vortex is limited by the friction force, which was explicitly calculated. Our hypothesis explains the stabilization of the micron-sized particles’ position on the axis of the vertical vortices despite the significant buoyant force promoting the floating up of the particles. [ DOI ]

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