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[1] Measurement of the adiabatic wall temperature of a flat plate in a supersonic air-droplet flow / Y. A. Vinogradov, A. G. Zditovets, N. A. Kiselev et al. // Fluid Dynamics. — 2020. — Vol. 55, no. 5. — P. 701–707. The results of the measurement of the surface temperature of a flat plate in a supersonic airdroplet flow are presented. The plate made of duralumin was mounted vertically in the working channel of an aerodynamic setup. The droplets of a liquid (distilled water) were pulverized into an air flowin a plenum chamber through centrifugal atomizers. The mass concentration of the liquid was about0.36 and 0.27%, the mean droplet diameter according to Sauter was about 110 mkm, and the freestreamMach number M = 2.5 and 3.0. The surface temperature was measured by an IR imager. The measuredplate surface temperatures for the case of single-phase air flow (without droplets) were compared withthose for the air-droplet flow at the same parameters (with respect to the air) in the plenum chamber.To intensify the droplet sedimentation on the plate a shock generator in the form of a wedge wasmounted vertically ahead of the plate. [ DOI ]

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