Anthelmintic Efficacy of Supramolecular Complex of Praziquantel Obtained by Mechanochemicalстатья

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[1] Anthelmintic efficacy of supramolecular complex of praziquantel obtained by mechanochemical / I. Arkhipov, S. Khalikov, A. Dushkin et al. // Iranian Journal of Parasitology. — 2020. — Vol. 15, no. 3. — P. 364–373. AbstractBackground: A supramolecular complex of praziquantel (PZQ) with disodium saltof glycyrrhizic acid (Na2GA) was obtained by mechanochemical technology to increasesolubility, absorption rate and hence bioavailability of the drug and reductionits therapeutic doses. The aim of our study was evaluation of anthelmintic efficacyof supramolecular complex of PZQ.Methods: Different samples of PZQ with Na2GA were obtained by mechanochemicalprocessing and examined for some physico-chemical properties. The anthelminticactivity of the most perspective samples was studied on the laboratory model of Hymenolepisnana infection of mice and Moniezia expansa infection of sheep by the resultsof helminthological necropsy of the small intestines (the controlled test).Results: A high efficacy (> 98%) of supramolecular complex of PZQ with Na2GA(1/10) was shown at doses of 3; 2 and 1 mg/kg of body weight at single oral administrationagainst H. nana in mice and M. expansa in sheep. While the basic PZQhad 27.19% and 36.64% efficacy respectively at the dose of 1 mg/kg. ThePZQ:Na2GA 1/10 physical mixture (without mechanochemical processing) revealedno anthelmintic efficacy.Conclusion: Joint mechanochemical treatment the PZQ substance and Na2GA led toincreased solubility, reduction of particle sizes, amorphization of substance, incorporating itwith micelles of glycyrrhizic acid and high anthelmintic efficacy in reduced dose. The supramolecularcomplex of praziquantel was found to be a perspective anthelminthic withenhanced pharmacological activity that needs further research. [ DOI ]

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