New EMF Measurements and Thermodynamic Evaluation of the In-Pb-Zn Systemстатья

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[1] Vassiliev V. P., Lysenko V. A., Weiping G. New emf measurements and thermodynamic evaluation of the in-pb-zn system // Journal of Alloys and Compounds. — 2013. — Vol. 564. — P. 49–54. Seven alloys of the In-Pb-Zn ternary system were studied in the range of 660-791 K by the method of electromotive forces (EMF), using the electrochemical cell: (–) ZnZnCl2+KCl+LiCl In-Pb-Zn (+). Temperature dependencies of EMF (E(T) = a +bT) were obtained for three phase regions: (I) homogeneous liquid, (II) heterogeneous liquid 1+ liquid 2 and (III) heterogeneous liquid 3+solid mixtures. Based on these equations the values of chemical potential of zinc as well as phase transition temperatures were found. On the basis of the obtained and literature data, thermodynamic model of ternary liquid was proposed. The liquidus surface projection and vertical sections In0.5Pb0.5–Zn, In0.5Zn0.5–Pb, Pb0.5Zn0.5–In of the system In-Pb-Zn were calculated. [ DOI ]

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