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[1] Ball lightning passage through a glass without breaking it / V. L. Bychkov, A. I. Nikitin, I. P. Ivanenko et al. // Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics. — 2016. — Vol. 150, no. 1. — P. 69–76. In long history of ball lightning (BL) theory development there is a struggle of two concepts. According to the first one, BL – is a high frequency electrical discharge, burning in the air due to action of alternating electric field or a continuous current generated by an external source of energy (lightning). According to the second one, the BL is a material body, storing energy within itself. Data banks of BL observations give evidence that BL can pass through glasses, leaving no traces on them. Supporters of the first concept consider this as the proof of the correctness of the “electric field” BL nature. Representation of BL as a material body explains most of its features, but has difficulties in explanation of BL penetration through glasses. We describe results of research of the glass, through which BL freely passed, that was observed by one of the authors. They proved the presence of traces left by BL. With a help of optical and scanning microscopes and laser beam probing of the glass that experienced action of 20 cm BL, we have found traces in it: in the glass we found a region of 1-2 mm, at the center of which a cavity of 0.24 mm diameter is located. This gives evidence to a “material” nature of BL. BL possibility to pass through small holes and its ability to “make” such holes poses a number of difficult issues to researchers indicated in the article. [ DOI ]

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