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[1] Thermal decomposition of graphite nitrate / M. I. Saidaminov, N. V. Maksimova, P. V. Zatonskih et al. // Carbon. — 2013. — Vol. 59. — P. 337–343. A new technique for gas determination in the thermal decomposition of graphite nitrate II-IV stages has been reported. Its correctness was confirmed by thermogravimetry and infrared spectroscopy. Static and dynamic modes of the decomposition were examined. Firstly, the static mode was carried out in three atmospheres: (1) oxidizing - air; (2) argon - inert; (3) reducing - methane (4 vol%) and argon. A detailed analysis of the evolved gases is presented. The composition of these gases was found to depend on graphite nitrate stage number and the atmosphere in which it was expanded. Following the static mode, the dynamic mode was carried out in the argon atmosphere only. Two-stages of gas evolution with increasing temperature were registered within the dynamic mode. The same two-stage effect was observed on the thermogravimetry curves and infrared spectra. Based on the results obtained from the dynamic mode, chemical reactions occurring in the thermal decomposition have been proposed. [ DOI ]

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