Interaction of Coal Humic Acids with Fungal Laccaseстатья

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[1] Interaction of coal humic acids with fungal laccase / N. A. Kulikova, V. N. Davidchik, E. A. Tsvetkova, O. V. Koroleva // Advances in Microbiology. — 2013. — Vol. 3. — P. 145–153. Humic acids (HA) are one of the main environmental factors controlling the fate and behavior of the compounds released into the environment. In particular, they are universally considered of great importance in determining soil extracellular enzyme activity and stability via association with essential soil enzymes. The objective of this study was to investigate the interaction of coal HA with an extracellular multicopper oxidase laccase (EC that catalyze the oxidation of a wide range of reducing substances in the environment. Using size-exclusion chromatography analysis and monitoring laccase activity, the formation of a stable and an enzymatically active complex between HA and laccase was shown. Basing the data obtained by isoelectric focusing of HA-laccase complex, non-covalent character of laccase association with HA was considered and binding of laccase to HA by weak dispersive forces such as van der Waals, hydrophobic, π-π, CH-π and others was hypothesized. [ DOI ]

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