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[1] Vassiliev V. P., Lysenko V. A. A new approach for the study of thermodynamic properties of lanthanide compounds // Electrochimica Acta. — 2016. — Vol. 222. — P. 1770–1777. The thermodynamic functions for the formation of solid Lu2Te3 were obtained by means of electromotive force (EMF) measurements. These results were used to demonstrate (taking as an example, the solid lanthanide tellurides (Ln2Te3)) that the combination of the EMF method (this allows us to measure the Gibbs energy for the formation of a compound from its elements with high precision) with low-temperature heat capacity measurements and the tetrad-effect phenomenon (this allows us to find the entropy of compound with a high degree of accuracy) can be an effective tool for determining the thermodynamic functions of lanthanide compounds. The experimental and calculated values for the thermodynamic functions of solid Ln2Te3 phases are given. [ DOI ]

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