The Fate of Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Groundwater and Bedrocks from Sikhote-Alin Ridge, Primoryeстатья

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[1] The fate of rare earth elements and yttrium in groundwater and bedrocks from sikhote-alin ridge, primorye / N. A. Kharitonova, G. A. Chelnokov, O. V. Chudaev et al. // Procedia Earth and Planetary Science. — 2017. — Vol. 17. — P. 412–415. A 10-year monitoring period of rare earth element and yttrium (REY) contents and REY pattern shapes was arried in four different types of groundwater (fresh, rich-CO2, low thermal and brackish) from Sikhote Alin ridge. Obtained data reveals that REY concentrations and behavior strongly vary in different chemical groundwater types and depend on many factors, including the pH–Eh parameters, TDS and the composition of the bedrocks. Speciation calculations of REY were carried out using the computer program SELECTOR-Windows with the SPRONGS88 database of thermodynamic parameters. [ DOI ]

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