Effectiveness of Intuitive Eating group intervention for 127 women with disordered eating behaviourтезисы доклада

Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Effectiveness of intuitive eating group intervention for 127 women with disordered eating behaviour / С. В. Бронникова, А. И. Чекалина, В. А. Бухтояров et al. // Сборник докладов конференции 5th European Congress of Psychology. — 2017. Purpose: The study aims to summarize two year experience of conducting short term Intuitive Eating groups intervention for women with disordered eating behaviour. Background: Deviations from the normal type of eating behavior pattern (hunger-eating-satiety) occur in most cases under the influence of dietary restrictions. Intuitive Eating skills intervention helps participants to develop normal eating behaviour patterns, including eating in response to physical hunger and satiety, eating mindfully, emotional regulation skills. Method: Participants of the groups were assessed by pre- and post-intervention questionnaires such as DEBQ (Dutch Eating Behaviour Questionnaire), EAT-26 (The Eating Attitudes Test), IES-2 (The Intuitive Eating Scale-2). Results: There are significant differences in measures of IES-2, DEBQ and EAT-26 before and after taking part in intuitive eating group intervention. Statistical analysis shows significant decrease in dieting attitudes and food preoccupation (EAT-26), significant decrease in emotional and external eating behaviour (DEBQ) and significant increase of individuals' tendency to follow physical hunger and satiety cues due to basic intuitive eating factors: unconditional permission to eat, eating for physical rather than emotional reasons, and reliance on internal hunger and satiety cues (IES-2). Conclusion: There is a strong evidence of the effectiveness of Intuitive Eating group intervention to strengthen healthy attitude to food and to reduce such problematic behaviors like restrained eating as well as emotional and external overeating.

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