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[1] Kulakov A. V., Tyutyunnik V. M. New approach to the plasma quantum condensate, as a new state of matter // International Journal of Current Research. — 2017. — Vol. 9, no. 3. — P. 47699–47703. Theoretically predicted and experimentally confirmed the existence of the new states of matter, called the authors of the “plasma quantum condensate” and connecting symptoms normal fluid and ionized plasma. The theoretical foundation of plasma condensate formed was given. It is shown that the phase transformation of up to 1 MJ/g latent heat that exceeds the heat the most efficient fuels. Seven basic properties of energy allocation in the formation of non-ideal pinching plasma were founded: formation of specific ionized conglomerate, pulse energy output, in which the plasma’s liquid becomes a laser (or razer), spontaneous generation of magnetic field, self-similarity of process in laser and pinching plasma, etc. The calculations of energy allocation when plasma quantum condensate formation was shown; the possibility of its application in science, engineering and technology was described. Corpuscular radiation generation process is designed in quantum non-ideal plasma, flowing in two modes: acceleration on the front of the MHD-shock waves; acceleration in plasma focus. Plasma quantum condensate is fundamentally new, alternative, renewable and sustainable energy source. This source is environmentally friendly, does not pollute the atmosphere of the planet; his use of cleanses the environment.

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