Electrical properties of nanocrystalline n-SnO2 to single crystal p-Si interfaces under gas adsorption conditionsстатья

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[1] Electrical properties of nanocrystalline n-sno2 to single crystal p-si interfaces under gas adsorption conditions / R. B. Vasiliev, L. I. Ryabova, M. N. Rumyantseva et al. // Physica status solidi (A): Applied research. — 2001. — Vol. 188, no. 3. — P. 1093–1104. We present a study of heterostructures based on thin n-SnO2 layers prepared by means of an aerosol pyrolysis on a single crystalline p-Si substrate. SnO2 films are composed of 6-8 nm grains segregated into agglomerates of about 0.1 mum providing a porous structure of the film. Currentvoltage (I-V) characteristics are taken in the temperature interval 180-300 K. Capacitance - voltage (C-V) curves are obtained at frequencies of the reference signal varied within 0.5-20 kHz at 300 K. Electrical properties of the structures were examined in air and in gas mixtures N-2 + 0-1 % NO2 and N-2 + 1% C2H5OH. A pronounced non-linearity of the I-V curves is explained in terms of the Schottky equation with high ideality factors beta approximate to 7 - 11. The gas sensitivity S depends on the kind of adsorbed gas molecule due to & Schottky barrier variation together with the interface states density change. The SnO2 doping with Ni induces an increase of S by an order of magnitude. [ DOI ]

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