On periodic trajectories of a near-Hamiltonian autonomous dynamical systemстатья

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[1] Klimina L., Lokshin B., Selyutskiy Y. On periodic trajectories of a near-hamiltonian autonomous dynamical system // 9th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference (ENOC 2017). Conference papers (Proceedings of the International Сonference ENOC 2017). — Budapest, 2017. — P. ID 298. A non-conservative near-Hamiltonian autonomous dynamical system of the second order is studied. Conditions of existence of periodic trajectories are derived basing on the Poincare-Pontryagin generating function I. For neighbourhoods of fixed points of the generating Hamiltonian system, the “second iteration” I2 of the Poincare-Pontryagin function is constructed. Simple roots of any of functions I and I2 correspond to rough trajectories of the initial conservative system. Examples of systems are provided, for which sets of periodic trajectories corresponding to simple roots of these two functions complement each other. http://congressline.hu/enoc2017/abstracts/298.pdf.

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