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[1] Buzgalin A., Kolganov A. How was the administrative system created // Problems of economics. — 1989. — Vol. 32, no. 5. — P. 35–52. Abstract: Administrative system can be introduced into both publicistic and scholarly use as a term that expresses the most characteristic features of the system of social relations that formed in our country in the 1930s and that left its mark on all subsequent development. Heightened attention to the events of that period is entirely natural. It is just as natural that it has also raised the question of the place of these events in the context of the historical development of socialism. What was it: a random historical event—a deviation from the mainline due to the peripeteia of political struggle and the qualities of the people participating in them? Or was it historical necessity, the inevitable path of development of social relations only slightly perturbed by political storms? [ DOI ]

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