Lithological–Stratigraphic Characteristics of the Aptian–Cenomanian Sediments of the Abkhazian Zone, Western Caucasusстатья

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[1] Lithological–stratigraphic characteristics of the aptian–cenomanian sediments of the abkhazian zone, western caucasus / R. Gabdullin, V. Vishnevskaya, L. Kopaevich et al. // STRATI 2013. — Springer Geology, 2014. — P. 507–510. The first complex lithological–stratigraphic and facies study of the Aptian–Cenomanian sediments of the Abkhazian Zone of the Western Caucasus has been conducted in sections of the Mzymta and Khipsta river valleys. As a result, we are able to define areas of distribution of potential oil-source rocks in these sediments, which correspond to the events of the OAE-1 and OAE-2 global palaeoecological crises, and to identify oil reservoir rocks and rocks-caps. [ DOI ]

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