Quantum Plasma Condensate as a New Source of Energy: the Operation Principle of the Plasma Ultraviolet Laserстатья

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[1] Kulakov A. V., Tyutyunnik V. M. Quantum plasma condensate as a new source of energy: the operation principle of the plasma ultraviolet laser // Asian Journal of Science and Technology. — 2017. — Vol. 8, no. 7. — P. 5065–5068. A fundamentally new direction in the theory and technology of the non-ideal plasma was developed. Researches have made it possible to predict and confirm the existence of fundamentally new state of matter, which is quantum plasma condensate, which combines the traits inherent in normal fluid and signs characteristic of ionized plasma in the usual sense. Quantum plasma condensate is a renewable, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative energy source. This source is the only ecology clean, does not deplete and not polluting our planet, and use it cleans very planet Earth and its environment. The operation principle of quantum plasma condensate ultraviolet laser was described. The laser use industrial waste, and formed the new state of matter, which is solid plasma phase. This fact suggests the emergence of electric discharge plasma metallurgy.

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