On Late Maastrichtian-Early Danian water masses and Foraminifer Assemblages in Different Tectonic Zones of the Mountainous Crimeaстатья

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[1] On late maastrichtian-early danian water masses and foraminifer assemblages in different tectonic zones of the mountainous crimea / L. F. Kopaevich, A. S. Alekseev, A. M. Nikishin et al. // Moscow University Geology Bulletin. — 2007. — Vol. 62, no. 3. — P. 164–172. This paper presents data on the structure of reference sections of the Maastrichtian-Danian boundary beds and the assemblages of benthic and planktic foraminifers enclosed in these rocks.Two different facial zones existed in the MTS Crimea: Kacha uplift in the southwestern part and Indol-Kuban Trough in the eastern part of Crimea Penninsula. The strongly different sedimentological and microfossils assemblages indicate on the presence of completely different water masses in the shelf part of basin with water depths varying from those of the middle-lower sublittoral zone (southwestern Crimea) to those of the pelagic environment on the continental slope (eastern Crimea). [ DOI ]

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