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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Ilinykh N. I., Vassiliev V. P. Relationship of thermodybamic properties between solid and liquid states in aiii-bv systems // Proceeding of the JEEP13 Conference. 39th edition of the Joint European days on Equilibrium between Phases. 19 March 19-21. — Vol. 1. — University Nancy 1 Nancy, France, 1913. — P. 78–80. Presented work is devoted to the investigation of relationship between the thermochemical properties of semiconductor compounds, equilibrium composition and thermodynamic characteristics of AIII – BV melts in the wide range of temperature and compositions. Investigation was carried out using the thermodynamic modeling method. As software the program complex TERRA was used. This program was created in Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The melt structure was described by the model of ideal solutions of interaction products (ISIP). This model is a particular case of the model of ideal associated solutions. For the realization of thermodynamic simulation the corresponding data base was formed, which contains information about the properties of the substances in different states of aggregation (standard enthalpies and entropies of formation, temperature dependences of heat capacities, so on). Information about these properties was undertaken from the literature [1-5]. The activities of components, integral and partial excess Gibbs energies, integral excess enthalpies, entropies and equilibrium composition of melts were obtained. It was shown, that activities of the components have big negative deviations from Raoult's law. Concentration dependencies of integral excess Gibbs energies and enthalpies are no monotonous. These facts justify, that strong interaction between atoms of different sorts takes place. The rigid relation between the enthalpies of formation, melting temperatures and the sum of the atomic numbers of the elements for isostructural AIIIBV phases of sphalerite and wurtzite types were determined in [4 - 6]. In the present work the relation between the standard enthalpies of formation AIIIBV compounds and maximum values of the excess integral enthalpies and Gibbs energies of mixing vs the number (NA) of the Periodic system of the elements was conformed. It was found, that good enough correlation between the properties of compounds and characteristics of melts takes place. REFERENCES [1] H. Yokokawa, Tables of Thermodynamic Properties of Inorganic Compounds, J. Nat. Chem. Laboratory for Industry Japan, 83, 27 (1988). [2] I. Barin, O. Knacke, O. Kubashewski. Thermochemical properties of inorganic substances. Supplement. 1977. Springer – Verlag. Berlin – Heidelberg – New-York. [3] V.P. Vassiliev, Thermodynamic properties and phase equilibria in system In-Sb. Inorg. Mater. 40, 524 (2004). [4] V.P. Vassiliev, J.-C. Gachon, Thermodynamic Properties of the AIIIBV compounds. Inorg. Mater. 42, 1293 (2006). [5] V.P. Vassiliev, B. Legendre, V.P. Zlomanov. The critical analysis and mutual coherence of thermodynamic data of the AIIIBV phases. Intermetallics, 19, 1891 (2011). [6] Vassiliev V.P., Gong W., Taldrik A.F., A.F. Kulinich A.F. Method of the correlative optimization of heat capacities of isostructural compounds, J. Alloys and compounds. 552, 248 (2013).

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