Evolution of the Phase Portrait in the Model of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbineстатья

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[1] Evolution of the phase portrait in the model of a vertical axis wind turbine / M. Z. Dosaev, L. A. Klimina, B. Y. Lokshin et al. // Proceedings of the 10th Conference on „Dynamical Systems – Theory and Applications”. — Vol. 1. — Technical University of Lodz Poland, 2009. — P. 543–548. A model that describes behavior of small vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) had been constructed. The system of equations of this model is simplified to one equation of the second order which contains two essential dimensionless parameters. The parameter characterizes geometrical and mass properties of a rotor, and the other parameter characterizes an external load in a circuit of a VAWT generator. The bifurcation diagram of rotational regimes dependent on the parameter is constructed for large . Some qualitative features of the evolution of a phase portrait coursed by the changing of the parameter are described. For example, it is shown that while the parameter decreases, some periodic orbits disappear, and it is essentially connected with the bifurcations of separatrices of neighbor saddle points.

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