Standard Samples of Humic Acids of Chernozem and Sod-podzol Soil of State Standard Levelтезисы доклада

Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Standard samples of humic acids of chernozem and sod-podzol soil of state standard level / V. A. Kholodov, N. V. Yaroslavtseva, B. M. Kogut et al. // Book of Abstracts. Fourth International Conference of CIS IHSS on Humic Innovative Technologies From Molecular Analysis of Humic Substances – to Nature-like Technologies (HIT-2017). — ООО КЛУБ ПЕЧАТИ Москва, 2017. — P. 27–27. Until now, there were no humic acids (HA) standard samples of a high level of accreditation in the world. The most popular and famous are standard samples of International Humic Substances Society, IHSS ( retrospective). The goal of our work was producing standard samples of chernozem and sodpodzolic soil HA, which can be further used for evaluating other samples of humic materials. Standardization of HA samples was performed in terms of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen contents as determined by elemental analysis. Produced HA standard samples correspond to the state standard level. Soil sampling: chernozem soil was collected in the field of long-term experiment (grain-and-fallow crop rotation since 1964) in Kursk region. Sod-podzolic soil was collected in Moscow region in spruce forest of more than 150 years old. About 50 kg of each soil was collected and used for HA isolation using IHSS protocol [1]. Samples of HA were attested in Russian Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology using standardized method of elemental analysis. Content of elements in chernozem soil HA was determined as: C 54.60±0.91%, H 3.16±0.38% and N 3.22±0.40%. For sod-podzolic soil HA elemental composition was determined as: C 48.9 ± 0.7%, H 5.05±0.25% and N 5.08 ± 0.26%. In addition standard samples of HA were characterized by molecular mass distribution using HPLS and structural fragment carbon distribution using liquid-state 13C-NMR and UV-vis spectrometry. So, standard samples of soil HA were produced for the first time. References 1. Swift R.S. // Methods of soil analysis. 1996. 3:1018-1020. This research was supported by the Russian Science Foundation grant 14-26-00079.

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