Thermodynamic modeling of AIII-Sb meltsтезисы доклада

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[1] Thermodynamic modeling of aiii-sb melts / N. J. Ilinykh, I. A. Malkova, V. P. Vassiliev, V. A. Volgarev // 41 st Conference on Phase Equilibria Book of Abstracts JEEP 2015 Coimbra. — Vol. 1 of 1. — Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra, Portugal Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra, Portugal, 2015. — P. 148–148. Presented work is devoted to the investigation and reassessment of the composition and thermodynamic characteristics of binary Ga-Sb, Al-Sb and In-Sb melts using optimized thermodynamic functions of the AIII-Sb compounds [1]. The investigation was carried out using the thermodynamic modeling method [2]. As a software the program complex TERRA was used [3]. Modeling was executed in atmosphere of argon at the common pressure of P = 105 Pa and temperature and concentration intervals, corresponding to regions of liquid state on the phase diagrams of above - indicated binary systems [4]. The activities of components, equilibrium composition of melts, integral excess enthalpies, and entropies, integral and partial excess Gibbs energies were obtained. It was established, that the activities of the components have big negative deviations from Raoult’s low. Concentration dependencies of integral excess Gibbs energies, entropies and enthalpies are no monotonous. These facts justify, that strong interaction between atoms of different sorts takes place. Using subprogram RECTANGLE the phase diagrams for Ga-Sb, Al-Sb and In-Sb systems were constructed. On these diagrams the temperature and concentration regions of existence of the components of the condensed phase and the gas phase are shown. [1] V.P. Vassiliev, A.F. Taldrik, N.I. Ilinykh. MATEC Web of Conference, 3, 2013, № 01078. [2] N.A. Vatolin, G.K. Moiseev, B.G. Trusov. Thermodynamic modeling in high - temperature inorganic systems, Metallurgia, Moscow, 1994 (in Russian). [3] B.G. Trusov. Vestnik of Bauman Moscow State Technological University, 2, 2012, 240-249 (special Issue) (Russian). [4] Phase diagrams of binary metallic systems: Handbook. In 3 vol. Edited by N.P. Ljakishev, Mashinostroenie, Moskow, 1997 (in Russian).

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