Deposition of Y-Ba-Cu-O films on silicon substratesстатья

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[1] Deposition of y-ba-cu-o films on silicon substrates / A. G. Akimov, S. A. Kozikov, V. G. Krigel et al. // Proceedings of SPIE - 1st Intl School on Laser Surface Microprocessing. — Vol. 1352. — 1990. — P. 84–94. The synthesis of HTS films on bare silicon substrates is restrained by interaction between the oxides being deposited and silicon. The formation of a barium silicate layer distorts the composition of the deposited film and imposes no appreciable limitation on the diffusion of silicon from the substrate. The kinetics of the solid-state reactions between the Y-Ba-Cu-O oxide films and silicon substrates in the temperature range 1000-1200 K suffer no restriction from a Si 3 N 4 layer present on the Si substrate, so the use of Si 3 N 4 to form a barrier layer is inadvisable.

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