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[1] Multiplatform system for development digital talents academy of oit / В. А. Сухомлин, Д. Е. Намиот, Е. В. Зубарева et al. // Selected Papers of the XII International Scientific-Practical Conference Modern Information Technologies and IT-Education (SITITO 2017). — CEUR Workshop Proceedings ( —, 2017. — P. 15–25. This article presents the principles of constructing the system of supplementary and master`s education entitled Академия ОИТ (Academy of OIT). The Academy will provide training of highly qualified specialists, innovative and scientific personnel in the field of information technologies and their applications. As a basis for the methodical support of the Academy, the concept of digital skills was used. The information-technological part of this system was created as an aggregate of interconnected problem-oriented platforms providing a wide range of opportunities for students to solve tasks of targeted training and implementation of their educational and career paths. The Academy focuses on programs of supplementary vocational training of a sectoral focus, developed and implemented by the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (the Laboratory of Open Information Technologies) together with leading IT industry companies, as well as on the practice-oriented nature of scientific research within the framework of master`s degree theses directly related to the development of actual applied problems of the digital economy.

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