Spray Drying of Probiotics: Process Development and Scale-Upстатья

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[1] Spray drying of probiotics: Process development and scale-up / N. V. Men'shutina, M. G. Gordienko, A. A. Voinovskiy, I. Zbicinski // Drying Technology. — 2010. — Vol. 28. — P. 1170–1177. Spray drying is an alternative method to freeze drying of Bifidobacterium bifidum biomass during the production of solid dosage forms. In order to develop a new drying process for probiotics and to establish the generalized mathematical model for the proposed technology, both experimental and theoretical studies on B. bifidum biosuspension have been carried out. These studies focused on drying kinetics, kinetics of cell death due to thermal shock and growth of osmotic pressure; on defining the influence of process parameters on product quality; and on identifying the limitations of process parameters due to material characteristics. Based on experimental data and modeling results, recommendations for organization of industrial process have been provided. Discover the world's research. [ DOI ]

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