Intensification of probiotics drying. Spray-drying of Bifidobacteria biosuspensionстатья

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[1] Intensification of probiotics drying. spray-drying of bifidobacteria biosuspension / N. Menshutina, M. Gordienko, A. Avanesova, A. Voinovskiy // ECCE-6:European Congress of Chem Engineering-6. — Vol. 1. — Technical University of Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark, 2007. — P. 781–782. Spray drying has been offered as an alternative method for dry B.bifidum biomass obtaining for production of solid dosage forms. To create the generalized mathematical model according to the proposed strategy the complex of experimental and analytical researches of B.bifidum biosuspension has been carried out. These researches have been directed to study drying kinetics, kinetics of cells death because of heat shock and growth of osmotic pressure, to define the influence of process parameters to the dry product quality and their limitations during drying. On the basis of experimental data and modeling results, the recommendations have been given for the industrial process organization.

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